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In order to observe, identify and diagnose the minerals forming the rock, mineral, and ceramic samples and all kind of composites under the microscope, thin sections should be prepared. The thickness of thin layer of materials should be 30-50 microns. To do so we need methods and accurate devices. With MICROPLAN systems, we can prepare microscopic thin sections automatically and semi-automatically in mineralography, petrography, ceramic and materialographic laboratories. In MICROPLAN systems, the TX models are fully automated and equipped with a microprocessor and digital display,and all the cutting and grinding processes are performed automatically.

Vacuum Sample Holder for grinding

MICROPLAN-TR: is a super-modern system with a stainless steel body and frame, and generally made of stainless steel. it has the best performance in any working conditions and standard laboratories. The system is equipped with a liner that has an accuracy of 0.1 mm and a micrometer with an accuracy of 5 microns.



Dewatering and Vacuum pressure Δ

regulator Box Model: "Univac- 4" 

 Δ Vacuum unit for automatic

Holders Model: "Vacumet 850"






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Technical Data
   2 Hp , 1500 w , 380 v , Electric Motor
   8" ( 200 mm ) continuous rim diamond blade
   150 mm Diamond grinding CUP
   Stainless Steel sensitive micrometer, 5 micron accuracy
   Automatic Vacuum Sample Holder for cutting and grinding
   Vacuum unit for automatic Holders, "Vacumet 850"
   Dewatering and Vacuum pressure regulator Box ,"Univac- 4"
   Electronic Controller Board
   Heavy -duty cast antioxidant alloy base / Stainless steel frame
   Halogen grinding unit light
   Recirculating cooling unit with 40 Liter coolant tank
   Electronic brake
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