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Laboratory Cutting Machine

Laboratory Cutting Machine

Model: MINICUT– 40
Laboratory Cutting Machine  
  Model : MINICUT - 40 

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MINICUT-40 is an automatic and semi-automatic cutting machine for small pieces of alloys, fiber, glass, ceramic- single crystal, fossil and rock fragments which has maximum 30 mm diameter.


Laboratory Cutting Machine      Model:  MINICUT - 40


Laboratory Cutting Machine 
    Model:  MINICUT - 40

   The device has two jaw sample holder with manual and automatic feeder, and aA closed circuit lubricant system. the cutting pressure is adjustable. Maximum diameter for cutting blade in this device is 150 mm that can be made of diamond or carbide.

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Technical Data
 TECHNICAL DATA / Minicut - 40 
For cutting of mineral, composite, metals , alloys and laboratories sample
Electric motor 24v , 90w Dc motor
Cut off blade Diamond/carbide – max.150 mm
Sample Dia. Max. 30mm
Dimension (mm) 300L × 280 × 250H
Approx. weight 20 kg

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