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Taif Azarin Industrial Group has been established in 1986 and is the first company in Iran that design and manufacture metallographic laboratory equipment based on modern technology. Over the last 27 years, Taif Azarin has been known as a leading company in the production of laboratory equipment of materials science, geology, and metallography. New and easy methods are the basic principles used in a company’s products. In order to remain viable and pioneer in this case, Taif Azarin’s engineers are always looking for new products, innovation, quality raw materials and modern techniques, and trying to make the best quality and easiest methods available to the users and customers of the company. 
In order to introduce and learn how to work with laboratory equipment, equipped lab of Taif Azarin co. is always available to the customers. In this laboratory, all processes of the preparation of microscopic thin sections, polished sections, cutting of samples, sub and polish, resin and blue dye injection, fluid inclusion systems and new methods are taught to the users.

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