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Manual Polisher / Grinder machine

Manual Polisher / Grinder machine

Model : SUPERPOL- 6

Manual Polisher / Grinder machine

Model : SUPERPOL- 6

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SUPERPOL-6 is a modern manual polishing and grinding system that has a strong and stable body and frame. All the parts of its body are made of stainless alloy.

This device also contains waterproof and moisture resistance control panel, smooth and groove alloy grinding disc and polymer disc for polishing with 30 cm diameter, and capability of controlling the rate of polishing discs

Manual Polisher / Grinder machine - SUPERPOL- 6 

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Technical Data


750 w AC / DC motor
300 mm Polyethylene polishing Disk
300 mm Cast Iron Grinding Disk
Main Frame: Stainless Steel
Approx. Dimension ( Cm ): 70 L × 52 W × 32 H             
Approx. Weight: 55 Kg




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