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 Hot mounting system

Hot mounting system

Model : Montex - 10
Hot mounting system
Model : Montex - 10

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Molding the materials, alloys, metals, rocks, minerals and ceramics are done in two methods: cooling method by using the liquid resins, and heating method by using the solid resins which is done under pressure and heating conditions. By MONTEX-10 we can prepare high quality polishing samples.



 Hot mounting system

                                       Hot mounting system
                                        Model : Montex - 10















 Generally these samples have 30 mm diameter and preparing the samples with 25 and 40 mm diameter are optional. The system has a pneumatic compression system and the amount of pressure on the system is shown by an analog gauge


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For hot mounting of laboratory specimens

Mounting material: back alit and polystyrene Powder / Granule

Power: pneumatic / electric

Sample Dia.( mm ): 25 , 30 , 40 mm Dia.

Heating / cooling system: automatic

Temperature display: digital

Pressure display: mechanical / gauge

Power supply: 220- 380 V , 50 - 60 Hz , 1100 w

Approx. dimension ( mm ): 350 L × 320 W × 500 H

Approx. weight: 80 Kg


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