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Laboratory Cutting Machine

Laboratory Cutting Machine

Model: LASERCUT – 300

Laboratory Cutting Machine 

Model : LASERCUT – 300

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 Laboratory Cutting Machine  Model : LASERCUT – 300

    Laboratory Cutting Machine 

     Model : LASERCUT – 300



Cutting the rock and mineral samples with large dimensions and high degree of hardness needs high power and larger diamond blade.

LASERCUT-300 is a powerful device that has a diamond blade with maximum diameter of 300 mm. Some features of this system include: cutting blade height adjustment system, cutting unit and additional start system that is controllable by a foot pedal. A sample holder with it can hold and bind different dimension samples. Cutting feeder of the system is manual and automatic feeder can be provided if needed.


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Technical Data
Electric motor / Italy: 380V , 50Hz Ital. motors
Power: 2200 – 3000 w
Diamond cut off wheel Dia. 250 , 280 , 300 mm
Circulating Lubricant system 60 Liters / 220 v E. Pump
Valves , lubricant lines Pu. / stainless steel
Cutting table and rail liner with 0.1mm accuracy
Control board / panel electric / electronic board
Cutting light gear screw system
Cut off wheel light adjusting foot pedal / hand switch
Approx. dimension (Cm) 100 L × 70 W × 120 h
Approx. weight 125Kg

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